A waterproof, remote controlled
GoPro accessory which fits in your palm

Remote control

Endless rolling




Motion timelapse

Motion control

GoPro stabilizer

We designed a camera stabilizer for professional use and everyday price


Key features


3-axis stabilizer with endless rolling on all 3-axis! There are no limits, no jamming, no worries

Remote control

You can control your stabilizer and camera with our smartphone application even from a distance of 30m! You can see the live view of your GoPro, rotate the camera with a single touch

4 stabilizater modes

The 4 modes of Sybrillo will serve you in any situation, to get the best shots. There are different variations, like drone mode, full lock, etc.

Motion timelapse

Create timelapse videos you have never seen before! Control your camera and Sybrillo with the application, and shoot Motion timelapse videos. Adjustable speed, duration and angles on 3-axis!


Ever wondered where were the exact place you shot your videos? Now you can geotag your videos with a touch of a button, and track the movements of your device.

Mount to all surfaces

Sybrillo’s unique shape serves your creativity, and helps you mount your camera on all surfaces or objects

Wide range of accessories

You can use all accessories compatible with your GoPro, there is no need to buy new ones!


Sybrillo’s first stabilizer is compatible with all the cameras GoPro has ever produced. The second one will be compatible with all action cameras, and a couple of smartphones too.

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